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Blessed is the Saint that has gone to meet the Lord.

Wife, you were a beautiful light in a dark world.


She has not left us – her glow lingers on until we go to the place where she is.

In our hearts that glow will ever be with us…

… and God has another lovely Rose in Heaven for Him to enjoy.

Wife, you have gone to a far better place.  No more pain or crippled legs or feet.

Just Peace and JOY and you will be in the Presence of Jesus for Eternity.


I’ll be home with you soon.

Look for meI’ll be there.

“Peace, my Love.”

— Jack

Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 1-11-2015. All Rights Reserved.
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“Today” – Part 2

Today men will die and go to hell because there is no “peace on earth, good will toward men”. But today there are only wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet.

Today I saw a man in poor, shabby clothes, kneel at what was left of a church and thank God that he was granted another day to live and breathe, 24 more hours in which to serve Him and to tell others about Him, thanking Him for life.

Today I saw a small boy ask his father, “who is God?” And he was told that God was something that nobody has seen, but that He was out in space somewhere and that He was nothing to bother with.

Today we stand on the very edge of the world. We are a chosen few who are waiting and looking forward to the day when we will see the clouds split and hear the sound of the trumpet and the voices of many angels and see the Son of God coming in a cloud of righteousness and glory.

And we the chosen few who held out through all the toil and strife shall be caught up to meet God in the air, and there shall be peace forevermore.

Today may come soon – maybe sooner than we think – for no man knows the day nor the hour that the Son of God comes, except the Father.

Today may come tomorrow or today may come today.  Are you ready?

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © c. 1958. All Rights Reserved.
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We Have a Light

A ray of light is a pathway to walk to a more enlightened world.

And to every mortal is given a ray of light – Jesus the Christ – though He is often not followed by all mortals.

© I Often Wonder. All Rights Reserved.


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