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A Life-and-Death Plea

All life and death starts and ends at the foot of the cross, as we are crucified with Jesus Christ and brought to new life in Him.

It is all your choice to live eternally in Peace and Love in the place that God has prepared for you


to spend eternity in eternal death and torment.

Today is the time to choose.  You have your destiny of afterlife in your hands.  Choose Life with Christ Jesus in Heaven! Don’t throw your life away in hell and torment!


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2-10-15. All Rights Reserved.
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God vs. the Atheist

If I go through life believing in God and Eternal Life, and then I die and find out that I have been wrong – then I’m just dead forever.

But, on the other hand, if you go through life believing there is no God and that I am wrong, if you die and find out I was RIGHT and there IS a God… then you are lost forever in torment.

A Christian can’t lose, even if his belief proves wrong after death, because he has lived a good, honest life and given love to others.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 2-2004. All Rights Reserved.


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