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I only know my yesterday, I don’t even know all of my today. As God lets me live, I know only what is happening at the moment I have lived through, and I can’t even think of tomorrow. I can say that I’m going to do such and such, and I have appointment at certain times, but only if God wills it will it be so.

You can only be sure about what happened yesterday, good or bad. You may get all the things done today that you have planned, but only if God lets you. Your plans for tomorrow are only in your mind; they will only happen if God wills it so. Remember that He alone knows your days and your future. Today you may take your last breath or walk and see for the last time, so you should always say, “if God wills it, I will be able to do such and such today or tomorrow.”

Take the “I will” out of your thoughts and replace it with IF God wills it, I can do it.  Remember, I can do nothing, but He can do all things.

Written by Jack Reed Palmer. Copyright © 7-15-15. All Rights Reserved.
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What You’ve Sent Ahead

I can’t live for tomorrow, because it may never come to me.

So do what you can for God TODAY.

You can only take to Heaven what you have sent ahead.


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.
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Praise Will Bring Victory

Anybody can pray when they’re in a trial or in trouble to which they see no end.

The thing to do is give God praise and glory. He already knows the trial that you are going through.

His Arm is strong and He already has a plan for you, He knows your today and your tomorrow.

Give Him Praise and Glory in your time of trouble; God glories in your praise.

Honest, heartfelt praise and glory will deliver you from the trials that you are in or that will come up in the future.

Trust God, and ask Him to give you a song in the night, a song of Praise and Peace.  Don’t keep asking why, but give God praise and glory for giving you victory and, by faith, you will have victory over your troubles.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 7-9-12. All Rights Reserved.
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