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I only know my yesterday, I don’t even know all of my today. As God lets me live, I know only what is happening at the moment I have lived through, and I can’t even think of tomorrow. I can say that I’m going to do such and such, and I have appointment at certain times, but only if God wills it will it be so.

You can only be sure about what happened yesterday, good or bad. You may get all the things done today that you have planned, but only if God lets you. Your plans for tomorrow are only in your mind; they will only happen if God wills it so. Remember that He alone knows your days and your future. Today you may take your last breath or walk and see for the last time, so you should always say, “if God wills it, I will be able to do such and such today or tomorrow.”

Take the “I will” out of your thoughts and replace it with IF God wills it, I can do it.  Remember, I can do nothing, but He can do all things.

Written by Jack Reed Palmer. Copyright © 7-15-15. All Rights Reserved.
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Just a Thought on “Life”

The journey through life is a time of discovery.  There are times of much JOY and laughter and, at times, many tears.

All of these shape our life.  Each is a new door to pass through and, at the end of the days of our life, we are old and our body is weak.  We sit and remember and think of times past.  And in our mind we relieve the good times.  The love of God lets us forget all the bad.

If we have given our heart to Jesus, He has given us peace and the promise of a life with Him, in a place of love, JOY, peace with no end… only an eternity of Love.

COR. 3:15


Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 10-13-13. All Rights Reserved.
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We are Not on God’s Time

The scriptures say that – with the Lord – one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2 Peter 3:8)

If this is the case, one day of time for us is only .14 hundredths of a second in God’s eyes – just a blink of an eye.

So when we pray and ask God to heal us or answer a certain prayer and it seems to take a long, long time remember – if He answered in just one second of His time, it would be approximately 8-1/2 days for us in our time.  If He took one minute, it would be 510 days!

That is why, when we pray, we should ask that His will be done in His time – not ours – because in faith, with patience, we wait upon the Lord. Time is not the same to God as it is to us; all things will come in their season.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 7-26-01. All Rights Reserved.
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