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Blessed is the Saint that has gone to meet the Lord.

Wife, you were a beautiful light in a dark world.


She has not left us – her glow lingers on until we go to the place where she is.

In our hearts that glow will ever be with us…

… and God has another lovely Rose in Heaven for Him to enjoy.

Wife, you have gone to a far better place.  No more pain or crippled legs or feet.

Just Peace and JOY and you will be in the Presence of Jesus for Eternity.


I’ll be home with you soon.

Look for meI’ll be there.

“Peace, my Love.”

— Jack

Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 1-11-2015. All Rights Reserved.
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A Handsome Man in a Three-Piece Suit

I’ve got some news for you – satan is not wearing a red cape with horns coming out of his head; he’s not running around looking like a devouring lion in the bars and honky-tonks, or among prostitutes, alcoholics, or drug addicts.

The enemy couldn’t care less about them and – in fact – doesn’t even like being around them.  No!

Right now, he’s in a three-piece suit carrying a clip-board, pen, and paper; he’s probably sitting in the back of some very good church, or walking the aisles looking over all the saints and taking down names of those he thinks he can control.

The enemy could be the person right near you; he’s got most of the world, so he doesn’t worry about them.

The devil worries about the GOD-FEARING, PRAYING SAINT who can take some of those people back. Those who can help them get BACK TO GOD AND SALVATION are the ones he fears.

So he sneaks quietly among them, looking good, seeking out the ones he can get to sin in some way. The enemy only has a little time left, and he knows this and trembles. So –


Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 9-3-06. All Rights Reserved.
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The Unlit Candle

A thought came to me in my mind’s eye.  I saw a long room.  There was a small nightstand in the corner.  The room was dark and a dull, thick, foggy haze completely filled the room.

I was sitting at the far end of the room, and it was like I was looking through a smoky glass.  There was no sound in the room.

As I sat there, off in a far corner near the ceiling, there was a very small glow.  Soon it started to grow, but it was still small.

Now on the nightstand stood a tall white candle.  It was on the table and myself was all that was there.  This point of light got very, very bright but the room was still dark.  It was a light that was very, very pure and intense.

Then slowly it started to move; it went from the corner of the room slowly toward the candle.  But the room was still dark.  It seemed like it only took a short time to reach the candle and, when it did, it gently touched the wick and lit the candle.  It then raised straight up very quickly and disappeared.

Slowly, the light from the flame increased and, as it did, the dark room began to become lighter.  Soon the brightness was to the point I was blinded by this pure white light.  It stayed this way for only a short time.

Then the pure white light disappeared, only leaving the light from the candle.

My Thought and Interpretation

The dark room that I was in was the World as it is today.  The hazy hue that was in the room was the People of the World.  The candle on the nightstand was the Saints of the world.

The Light was the Pure Word of God that came down in the form of Jesus Christ.  He brought the saving spark that lit the candle with Salvation.

The job of the candle was to then take the light of God’s Word to the world full of Lost Souls.

The time is short.  We need to live out lives in the Pure Word and Light that Jesus gave to us; the Light that others might see the Life of God’s Word that others might hear.  To take the lighted candle and lead the way.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 1-5-11. All Rights Reserved.
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