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In 2015, REJOICE!


Remember that, as God’s child, you “shine” in Him even when you don’t think you shine.  He Who keeps watch over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, my friends.  You’re “Israel” through faith in Christ Jesus, and God’s powerful, watchful light is ever shining in you … so REJOICE!



Jack R. Palmer

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“Just a Thought”

As I stand on the top of this mountain, I can feel the presence of God.  I can look down and see the many things I have had to fight through, and I give praise and glory to my God for the helping hand that He has given me. As long as I hold on to that hand, I know… I know I will not fail to reach the goal He has set for me, and give me the strength I need to carry on.

As I stand here I look down the back side of this mountain;  I see a deep valley, dark and misty.

I know He wants me to go.  But I can see in the distance, the last mountain I must climb.  Jesus tells me to put on my armor and go forth, and He will be with me and to fear not.  As I start out, I see many tears and sorrows ahead through the long night.


There is a peace and joy when the morning comes.

Hold fast to the hand of Jesus, He will guide us safely through the night.  He will not let you die in the darkness, but He will see you through ’til the morning light where He waits with open arms to welcome you home to be with Him forever.  In a place prepared just for you, for eternity.

CHOOSE JESUS                        CHOOSE LIFE

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 5-28-2014. All Rights Reserved.
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