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A Blessed Year…

My wife and I have enjoyed almost a year now of blessings and new beginnings in Jesus. We decided we’d get together on video and share how grateful we are in this testimony of God’s goodness.


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Blessed is the Saint that has gone to meet the Lord.

Wife, you were a beautiful light in a dark world.


She has not left us – her glow lingers on until we go to the place where she is.

In our hearts that glow will ever be with us…

… and God has another lovely Rose in Heaven for Him to enjoy.

Wife, you have gone to a far better place.  No more pain or crippled legs or feet.

Just Peace and JOY and you will be in the Presence of Jesus for Eternity.


I’ll be home with you soon.

Look for meI’ll be there.

“Peace, my Love.”

— Jack

Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 1-11-2015. All Rights Reserved.
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At the Altar

The altar is the beginning of many things.

When you came into this world and as a small child…

At the ALTAR you were dedicated.

At the ALTAR you were married.

At the ALTAR you gave your heart to God.

And after you have traveled through this life with its ups and downs, happy times and sorrows, then…

At the ALTAR you are at last laid to rest.

If you have lived a life dedicated to God and His service, then you will stand before the ALTAR of GOD and will hear Him say, “WELL DONE”.

So here on earth all of life really begins and ends…


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 6-19-04. All Rights Reserved.
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