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David is a man in church who is mentally challenged – from what cause I do not know.  He cannot read or write and only his mother and sister understand his speech.  David likes everyone.  He loves books with pictures in them.

I gave him a children’s bible that is heavily illustrated, and he carries it everywhere.  He shows it to everyone, pointing to the pictures he likes.  We tell him who’s in the pictures and what the pictures and stories are about, and he gets very happy and studies the pictures and remembers what you tell him.  He understands, he just can’t articulate.

David is a JOY to be around; he loves everybody, especially the Pastor and his Sunday School teacher.  He always wants to help – with everything.  When the church is short on men to take the offering plates around, they call on David to help.  This makes him feel good and feel wanted.

David has been challenged all his life; now he is between 60 and 65 years old, a grown man with a little child’s mind who really enjoys life.  He looks like a man in his 30s.  We can learn lots from David.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 5-7-15. All Rights Reserved.
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Blessed is the Saint that has gone to meet the Lord.

Wife, you were a beautiful light in a dark world.


She has not left us – her glow lingers on until we go to the place where she is.

In our hearts that glow will ever be with us…

… and God has another lovely Rose in Heaven for Him to enjoy.

Wife, you have gone to a far better place.  No more pain or crippled legs or feet.

Just Peace and JOY and you will be in the Presence of Jesus for Eternity.


I’ll be home with you soon.

Look for meI’ll be there.

“Peace, my Love.”

— Jack

Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 1-11-2015. All Rights Reserved.
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Just a Thought on “Life”

The journey through life is a time of discovery.  There are times of much JOY and laughter and, at times, many tears.

All of these shape our life.  Each is a new door to pass through and, at the end of the days of our life, we are old and our body is weak.  We sit and remember and think of times past.  And in our mind we relieve the good times.  The love of God lets us forget all the bad.

If we have given our heart to Jesus, He has given us peace and the promise of a life with Him, in a place of love, JOY, peace with no end… only an eternity of Love.

COR. 3:15


Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 10-13-13. All Rights Reserved.
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