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An Awesome God

“Father God” is the God of all creation.  He is my Father, I am His child.

His Son Jesus is my redemption and my Salvation, and what He did on the cross for me is my healing, my shelter from the enemy who would try to come against me.

He is my Love, my Life, and in Him all things are complete.

“There is no other God!”

He is a living, breathing God Who cares for me.  He meets my needs, heals my sickness, and keeps me from harm.

How could I ask for more?

He loves me through all my faults, and gives me Peace.

“Now THIS is an awesome God.”

Written by Jack Reed Palmer. Copyright © 3-14-15. All Rights Reserved.
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Come Face-to-Face with God

Every day reserve a time and place for quiet time with God.

Mark 1:35   Luke 5:13

Schedule this time every day if possible at the same time.

Read your Bible every day; start with the books of John and James.

Ask – what do these passages say to me, and what can I take from them?

Start a journal – write down your thoughts.

Make a prayer card of who you pray for or a list of these people and what you are praying for them.  For cancer, salvation, rest, healing, help…

Pray for them every day.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 6-19-14. All Rights Reserved.
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We are Not on God’s Time

The scriptures say that – with the Lord – one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2 Peter 3:8)

If this is the case, one day of time for us is only .14 hundredths of a second in God’s eyes – just a blink of an eye.

So when we pray and ask God to heal us or answer a certain prayer and it seems to take a long, long time remember – if He answered in just one second of His time, it would be approximately 8-1/2 days for us in our time.  If He took one minute, it would be 510 days!

That is why, when we pray, we should ask that His will be done in His time – not ours – because in faith, with patience, we wait upon the Lord. Time is not the same to God as it is to us; all things will come in their season.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 7-26-01. All Rights Reserved.
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