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A Life-and-Death Plea

All life and death starts and ends at the foot of the cross, as we are crucified with Jesus Christ and brought to new life in Him.

It is all your choice to live eternally in Peace and Love in the place that God has prepared for you


to spend eternity in eternal death and torment.

Today is the time to choose.  You have your destiny of afterlife in your hands.  Choose Life with Christ Jesus in Heaven! Don’t throw your life away in hell and torment!


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2-10-15. All Rights Reserved.
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You Must Decide

Some time or somewhere, every Christian who lives will have a “Moses” moment where they will have to decide on what they will do, for the rest of their life.  Go with God, or go with the world.

Now, Moses had it all – the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, he could have been the next King of Egypt.  He was strong and handsome and had the best education that there was at that time.  He had everything that a young man could want.  Then he killed a man and fled Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness herding sheep.


He met God in a burning bush on the backside of the desert.  And he gave it all up to follow God and lead a nation under God and became the leader of the chosen people of God called Israel.  He led God’s people to the promised land; a land promised by God, and all this when he was 80 years old!  You are never too old to start working for God.


You must decide… time is short.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
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Through the Window

Jesus is the window glass that God looks through when He looks at us.

Now as long as we are in the will of God, the glass is clear and clean and God looking through Jesus sees no sin.


If we sin, this clouds the glass and God can no longer see through His Son, Jesus.

Now repentance is the only way that we can clean and clear the glass.  So keep your life from sin.

As to be forgiven then the glass will always be clean.

Some day we will go to be with Jesus and live with Him in Eternity.


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 1-1-12. All Rights Reserved.
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