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Who can bless the mighty God? We can, by doing the things that He asks us to do.

Just like the child who does what his father asks; the father is blessed by the love of the child for his obedience to him.

So when we do what God has asked, He is blessed by our obedience to Him.  Showing to Him that we are thankful for what He has done for each of us.

Thank You, Jesus.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 4-6-14. All Rights Reserved.
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Two Crosses

As I sat this morning at church in prayer, I saw a beautiful tall cross behind the pulpit, smooth and tapered, lit from behind.  It was a most imposing and beautiful thing to behold.

This is One cross, made by man’s imagination of what we think would be the Cross of Calvary.


The real cross was not like this at all.  It was a very rough, hand hewn, piece of timber that was not smooth, but very rough, full of splinters.


Can you imagine what it would be like after they had beat our Lord, until His back was in shreds, from His shoulders to the calves of His legs? The flesh was hanging to jagged pieces of skin.

As they laid Him on the cross, on the ground, and drove the nails into His hands and feet how it must have felt.  The jagged splinters of wood stabbing into the raw and bleeding flesh of His back.  The jar when they dropped the upright into the hole, when it hit the bottom.  The shaking when they hammered the wedges into the hole, to steady the cross.

The pain as His body weight pulled at the nails in His hands and all the while the people yelling and cursing at Him, telling Him if He was the Son of God to come down off the cross.

The pain and humiliation He went through… and for what?

HE DID IT ALL FOR YOU AND ME.  For all mankind, no matter what race or color.  He suffered and died for our Salvation.  He died that we might live.  If He had come down from the cross, we would all be lost for eternity.

This is the second cross – the real one – so every time you see a nice beautiful cross standing stately and tall, one made by man so shiny and smooth – stop and think of the real thing; the one He bore and died upon.  Then repent, give your heart to Him, and accept the salvation that He paid the price for, for you… and spend eternity in Heaven with Him.


Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 4-10-08. All Rights Reserved.
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My Heart

God holds my heart in His hand.  He then asks me what I want Him to do.  He gives me two choices – eternal life or eternal death.  He gives me the choice, but I must choose!

One I can choose will let me live my life as I choose, doing the same things I have always done – I take care of me.

The other choice is “I give up self” and turn my life over to Him, He will guide my life, and take me through life as He wishes me to go.  It will not always be smooth; there are hard times and, at times, trials that will test me to my limit.

But He promises to be by me through it all.  One way leads to eternal death, the other way to eternal life.


The choice is yours. Choose Jesus and the cross, and be with Him forever.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 2-5-14. All Rights Reserved.
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