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A Life-and-Death Plea

All life and death starts and ends at the foot of the cross, as we are crucified with Jesus Christ and brought to new life in Him.

It is all your choice to live eternally in Peace and Love in the place that God has prepared for you


to spend eternity in eternal death and torment.

Today is the time to choose.  You have your destiny of afterlife in your hands.  Choose Life with Christ Jesus in Heaven! Don’t throw your life away in hell and torment!


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2-10-15. All Rights Reserved.
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The Unlit Candle

A thought came to me in my mind’s eye.  I saw a long room.  There was a small nightstand in the corner.  The room was dark and a dull, thick, foggy haze completely filled the room.

I was sitting at the far end of the room, and it was like I was looking through a smoky glass.  There was no sound in the room.

As I sat there, off in a far corner near the ceiling, there was a very small glow.  Soon it started to grow, but it was still small.

Now on the nightstand stood a tall white candle.  It was on the table and myself was all that was there.  This point of light got very, very bright but the room was still dark.  It was a light that was very, very pure and intense.

Then slowly it started to move; it went from the corner of the room slowly toward the candle.  But the room was still dark.  It seemed like it only took a short time to reach the candle and, when it did, it gently touched the wick and lit the candle.  It then raised straight up very quickly and disappeared.

Slowly, the light from the flame increased and, as it did, the dark room began to become lighter.  Soon the brightness was to the point I was blinded by this pure white light.  It stayed this way for only a short time.

Then the pure white light disappeared, only leaving the light from the candle.

My Thought and Interpretation

The dark room that I was in was the World as it is today.  The hazy hue that was in the room was the People of the World.  The candle on the nightstand was the Saints of the world.

The Light was the Pure Word of God that came down in the form of Jesus Christ.  He brought the saving spark that lit the candle with Salvation.

The job of the candle was to then take the light of God’s Word to the world full of Lost Souls.

The time is short.  We need to live out lives in the Pure Word and Light that Jesus gave to us; the Light that others might see the Life of God’s Word that others might hear.  To take the lighted candle and lead the way.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 1-5-11. All Rights Reserved.
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Lord, You Know

As you go through your day-to-day problems and blessings, stop and think of what God has given you


As you wake up in the morning to face whatever comes, know that God already knows what will happen and what you will need for that day.

He knows what you will be going through and what you will need.  He knew before you were born what would happen and what you needed for this day in your life.  He put things in place for the day that will make everything come out okay for you and will give Him the Glory.


He leaves the choice up to you.  He will not force His will upon you.  If the day is a good day, then you probably have accepted the day God had planned for you, so give Him Praise and Glory for guiding your steps and blessing you.



If the day has gone not quite like you thought it should, then look back on the day.  Did you ask God to lead and guide your steps?

Did you give Him Praise for the rest He gave you and for the many blessings He had given you?

Your day will only be as good as YOU let God make it.  He lets you decide.


Start your day in Prayer and Praise.  Take time to listen to what God has to say.  Ask for His help in guiding you through the day.


Throughout the day give Him praise for the things that He has done.  He gave you your job and the food you eat, the clean water to drink and even the air that you breathe.

If you were not sick, give Him Praise.  If you got to talk to someone about their Soul and Salvation, give Him Praise.  If you made it through the day safe, and your family was healthy and safe, give Him Praise.  Keep a song of Praise ever in your heart.

He wants to do these things for you, so give Him Thanks.  You will find that your today and tomorrows will be much better.

Jesus and the Cross are all that really matters in life.  Listen to what He says and give Him much praise, and every tomorrow will be full of Peace until He comes again.

Trials may come up but Jesus will be all you need to overcome them.  Then “today” will never end for Eternity.  There will be peace, joy, contentment.  You will want for nothing… you will be with Jesus.


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 8-20-08. All Rights Reserved.
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