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A Life-and-Death Plea

All life and death starts and ends at the foot of the cross, as we are crucified with Jesus Christ and brought to new life in Him.

It is all your choice to live eternally in Peace and Love in the place that God has prepared for you


to spend eternity in eternal death and torment.

Today is the time to choose.  You have your destiny of afterlife in your hands.  Choose Life with Christ Jesus in Heaven! Don’t throw your life away in hell and torment!


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2-10-15. All Rights Reserved.
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The Mean Widdle Kid

A thought of Red Skelton’s caricature ‘Mean Kid’

As we go through life we grow up… maybe.

I was thinking about my life and an old TV show came to mind: Red Skelton as the Mean Widdle Kid.

Now in life I am older, sometimes I get the idea to do something just for spite or to get even at something someone said or did that put me in the mood to “Get Even With Them”.

Then the Lord speaks to me and says, “You’d better not do dat,” and sometimes I just go ahead and ‘do dat’.

Then the Lord puts conviction on me and chastises me, in total amazement I look to the Lord and say, “Why me, Lord? What did I do to deserve this?”  Then He lets me remember what He told me not to do… He gave me a spanking.

Then at other times, He will put an idea in my mind and will tell me, “You’d better do dat,” and I obey and do as He leads me to do.  Then after I’m done, He gives me peace and joy and I feel good.  This tells me that I need to listen more to what the Lord has to say.  He loves you and won’t give you anything to do that will bring harm to you or others.  He keeps track of you obeying what He tells you and still rewards you for obeying Him.


The next time He speaks, listen; it’s for your own good.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 3-14-2011. All Rights Reserved.
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