a new start for AMERICA.

a thought on our SUNDAY SERVICE, 1- 29- 17  a few years ago, after the pasted president was elected four more years, putting our nation into a slide into desperately economic distress, deep debt, and our factories  our nation . i asked the LORD to start a wave of his love to come over the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, from shore to shore . to change the face of our elected officials and cause our nation to repent of our sin full ways. to stop killing of our unborn children. our obsession with gay  marriage, to bring back PRAYER in our schools, and a way of life that this country was founded on, by our founding fathers. based on faith and trust in GOD and in a country that we call home. something that was not liked by our leaders.i know that this prayer to return to GOD was the prayer from the heart, of many of GOD loving people, across this great nation. as of  JANUARY 20 2017, i believe GOD has started, with our new president, DONALD  J. TRUMP.  NOW THERE IS HOPE THAT WITH GOD in charge of Trump’s heart, this nation will turn around and become the AMERICA that we fought for and love. that our flag will wave again over a CHRISTIAN NATION. RESPECTED by the world. this may be the last time, to turn back to GOD. HE WILL PROSPER us more than he has ever done before. for the last 8 years we have been led by some one, who did not share the values of our LORD AND SAVIOR, but disavow them. and those that did preach the gospel of CHRIST  were ignored. now is the time to turn back to GOD and the way he has for us. to love our fellow man, stop killing of our children, stop the drugs, stop the gangs from taking over our cities . by GODS power, if we believe and trust in him, asking for his guidance in faith, our new PRESIDENT, by GOD’S power, can make this a safe and healthy Christian nation again  . but our president can not do it alone.but with prayer and repentance on our part, it will give GOD the freedom to work in a mighty way.  i ask only that we give GOD a chance, and stand behind our new president with our prayers and thanks for all that GOD has done on our behalf.   CHOOSE JESUS  CHOOSE LIFE    JACK PALMER.

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from a new day.. thank you all.

TO every one , who follows my blog. this has been a joy for me, it is something i wanted to do, and now was the time for me to do it. i am not much on computer skills. but with the help and patience, of my wife pastor SHARON, I am slowly getting the hang of things. she has helped and encouraged me, and now i can get on my site most of the time.but she will come to a problem i have i ask. i get thoughts about something i have heard or something that we talked about at our BIBLE study, or in our CHURCH services. thoughts put in my mind by FATHER GOD to write down and pass on to you all. PASTOR SHARON got me a dictionary and it has helped me a lot.GOD IS GOOD to me, and i am determined to get even closer to him. my one finger typing is slow. but i am getting better. i thank all of you, and ask GOD to bless each one of you, and show you much favor. have a very joy full new year. pray for our new president and his family, his staff, that GOD will guide and in all things. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU ALL, in good health, and give you peace, and joy. CHOOSE JESUS, CHOOSE LIFE. …. JACK PALMER.

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CHRISTMAS is a day we have set aside, to praise and honor the birth of JESUS our SAVIOR. with thanks and praise for a baby boy, the son of the LIVING GOD. HIS BIRTH, WAS A MAJOR STEP, in the salvation of all mankind, past, present, and future. that by truly believing in him and repenting of our sins. he opened the door of life eternal, to those who would accept and believe in him, and what he did on the CROSS, dying and shedding his blood for our redemption, and a place with him as ADAM was in the beginning when he was first created. CHRISTMAS is not about man. to promote their way to commercialize the holiday for the sake of greed. to lust after the things of this world, and not the things of GOD. man has substituted  santa claus for JESUS, the things of man, over the things and truth of GOD. the world has made this a day for profit , why don’t we just stop all of this, and just give thanks for what JESUS has done for us, and praise GOD , for sending his only SON, HIS BIRTH, DEATH, AND RESURRECTION, IS OUR OPEN DOOR TO A FAR BETTER LIFE. and it is free, to all who will believe, and change their sinful ways. choosing JESUS choosing life.   remember that JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON……merry CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS ALL.

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