Sunday Morning Service

Thank You God

Thank You God for all the many blessings that have been bestowed on us. the ray of sunshine that comes through the clouds on a rainy day to make the rain drops look like liquid diamonds falling to the ground, to the wealth of the earth, or the living gold of yellow flowers stretching forth their arms to a spring morning, or the beauty of sunlight dancing on a clear summer morning, the blaze of color in the setting sun, or just the peace of silence at anytime, for fulfilling our needs and sometimes our wants.Thank you for this day and this hour in time.

© Jack R. Palmer, all rights reserved.
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Always Encourage!

Who have you encouraged today? It CAN make a difference!

The Theater of My Mind

A word of encouragement can mean the difference between living and dying, giving up or holding on.

I am  blessed to be part of the uplifting stream of strength that flows from the Father’s heart.

There’s so much sadness in this world; so much forlorn and pain and excuses… so much need for God.

One word of encouragement can sheath a razor, smother toxic fumes, and snap tight lids on pill bottles.

“Just tell me I’m truly of value! Tell me I’m truly of worth!” Tell them more than Jesus loves them – give them reasons why. Show them. 

Give them truth in encouragement. It can break the embrace of lonely bridges and icy waters…  and make a life worth living again.

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Circumcise My Heart

I have walked the road of life and have covered many miles. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have at times been a king and a fool. But at the age of 15 I met a man Who changed my life with pure love and forgiveness and with helping hands…


I was just wandering around with no place to live, no place to eat or call home. His hands reached down and led me into a place of peace, and He started to guide my steps.

From that time on, as long as I followed His ways, by His power I was able to turn my life around, and everything got better. A job, the army, a wife and children, an even better job and better skills. At times I would fall back into the old ways and dig myself into a hole, but He was always there. He reached down and lifted me up again and put me back on the path He had for me.

Now the sun has set on part of my life with the passing of my wife of 58 years. Dark clouds came and, again, I was alone but not lost. I asked Him for help, and JESUS heard my cry. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

A short time later the dark clouds lifted, and the Son began to shine. He blessed me with a new wife with wisdom and a loving heart for God; a beauty to my eyes like I have never seen before. He told her what I needed and how to show me His ways. Now the darkness is all gone and is replaced with a new joy and peace and closeness to Him that I have needed for a long time. He is showing me that to live with Him in eternity is not accomplished by what my hands do, but by what His love and sacrifice has already done. He is circumcising my heart.

I’m out of a dark valley now and climbing to the top of the mountain to meet Him there forever.

Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 6-9-15. All Rights Reserved.
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