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Sharon Joy Palmer is a daughter of Jesus Christ who loves the Godhead. She writes, teaches, sings, and paints to Their praise, honor, and glory. She is a Pastor, Wife, Writer, Teacher, Mentor, Seer, Artist, Podcaster, Best Friend, Singer, and Drummer.

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To all friends and readers of “A New Day!”…

Please join Jack Palmer at Glory Shield Ministries for the debut of his audio program called, “Flipping on a Budget”.

In it, Jack gives practical advice to those interested in undertaking home renovation but who don’t have a lot of money to get started.  You’d be surprised what can be accomplished when God is in it!

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and be blessed!

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A Handsome Man in a Three-Piece Suit

I have got some news for you, satan is not wearing a red cape, and has horns coming out of the top of his head. he is not running around looking like a lion looking for whom he can devour, among the bars, honky-tonks, prostitutes, alcoholics or dopers. he couldn’t care less about them. in fact he doesn’t even like to be around them. no, right now he is in a three-piece suit with a clipboard, pen and paper. and is probably sitting in the back of some very good church… or walking in the aisles of the church looking over all the saints….taking down names of the ones he thinks he can get hold of .he could be the person right near you he already has most of the world, so he is not concerned about them. he’s concerned about the God fearing, praying saint, who can take some of these people back someone who can help them get back to God and salvation. these are the ones that he fears. so he sneaks quietly among them, looking good, seeking out the ones he can get to sin in some way… he only has a little time left, and he knows this and trembles.

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Thank You God

Thank You God for all the many blessings that have been bestowed on us. the ray of sunshine that comes through the clouds on a rainy day to make the rain drops look like liquid diamonds falling to the ground, to the wealth of the earth, or the living gold of yellow flowers stretching forth their arms to a spring morning, or the beauty of sunlight dancing on a clear summer morning, the blaze of color in the setting sun, or just the peace of silence at anytime, for fulfilling our needs and sometimes our wants.Thank you for this day and this hour in time.

© Jack R. Palmer, all rights reserved.
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