SHARON safe eating. is a cook book given to my daughter LYNETTE a few years ago by the LORD. it is full of every kind of meal and desert, that if one follows the recipe will lead to any body to a healthy life. it uses only natural  ingredients, no MSG  or re find sugar or any form of modified sweeteners. just the things that the LORD showed Lynette and my wife Pastor Sharon to use for a healthy and sound body and mind, this is not just another fad cook book, IT IS REAL. i know for a fact that it works, and works very well. after a death in the family, i married PASTOR SHARON. i was 77 years old, and not in very good shape, or good health. having just had a very bad stroke, and open heart surgery, plus two back surgery, glycoma , and being under weight, and moving to NEW YORK. i started to eat the food they prepared for all our meals, the SHARON SAFE WAY. the first thing i noticed was the energy i had, i no longer felt tired. they started me on raw suger, and pepermint  tea. The upset stomach, diabetes and high blood pressure went away. my DR. in NEW YORK , has confirmed these findings after about 5 months. i can sleep like a baby all night long,with no back problems. and every day that the weather allows, i walk 1 to 3 miles all this is from using the food , GOD has given us to  eat. no modified food or sweeteners that man has made. i am not saying that this cook book will heal all your ills, but eating right, and taking the food that GOD has put before us, and preparing them as he has told us to, and giving him thanks, can and will be a life change for you.it has changed my life and health to a better life than i have ever had. thanking GOD, with a healthy heart and body, and hoping you will at least try this way .   to get this cook book go to her website and go to their Resources dept. 


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