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the fire of GOD.

Exodus ; 3 all.  MOSES, saw a burning bush, that was not consumed by the fire. the fire was the LIVING GOD. this was the way GOD chose to reveal himself to MOSES. this was part of GODS plan to redeem all mankind not just the JEW, BUT ALSO THE GENTILE. a plan of redemption for all. his voice from out of the fire, declared that he was the I AM. the one and only, TRUE GOD. he gave MOSES, the task of delivering the JEWS out of EGYPT.  and in the future, he would give HIS ONLY SON, JESUS, the task of delivering the whole world. redeeming them to himself. all though who believed on him and repented of there sins, and accept him as savior,  believing in that he, gave his life on the CROSS for there redemption, by his death and covering blood. GOD, gave MOSES commandants and laws for all to follow. a covenant and promise of life eternal in a place he would prepare for for us who believe on him.JESUS has given us a new covenant and promise to all mankind, explaining what we must do, to receive salvation and to be redeemed to him, and a life with him forever. JESUS gives us the choice of living a life of worship and trust in him, in a place he has prepared for us, a place of peace, with no more crying, sickness, or pain of death. but we must choose. the world can only offer death, sorrow,and tears.but we must choose, and believe.this salvation is freely given in love to though who will accept him.


The Burning Bush, by Jack Palmer


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a morning prayer.

good morning LORD . thank you for the good nights rest, and thank you for this another day that you have given me. it is going to be a perfect day.praise and glory to you, for you have done for me.LORD i ask of you for strength and understanding. guide me and my family through this day,keep your hand on us, and keep evil far from us. thank you LORD. thank you for the air we breathe and the food and drink you supply for us. these are all gifts of love from you. thank you. you have given us good health, a warm dry place to live, thank you, you are my GOD AND FATHER. cause me today to keep my thoughts and speech on you , with praise on my lips.and my heart and mind on only you. i have chosen JESUS, I CHOOSE LIFE.     thank you LORD.

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A path through life.   how many of you have ever done a picture, puzzle, where you have only a peace of paper with only a jumble of dots, with numbers on it. you are given a place to start, and end. but, you do not know what picture is on the paper. so you start at the first dot with pen or pencil,and move on, one number at a time. not knowing what it will look like, or what it will be, when you get to the finish line, the last may have an idea of what it will look like, but you’re not really sure.  well, when you were born, GOD had a plan for you. he laid out this plan on a blank piece of paper that was covered with lots of he watched you go from each dot in your life, it brought you to a life commitment to him, and his love for you. if you followed him and trusted him, in faith, through this walk from dot to dot, his guiding hand would all ways be there for you. even if at times you would wander off between dots on your own, thinking that you already knew what the whole picture for your life was. all you have to do is repent, and be truly sorry, and ask him to forgive you. he will in love put you back on the right dot in your path, and you can carry on in your quest to reach the goal he has for you . i know for a fact, that at times it is not easy.because i have been there my self, the enemy – the devil- does not want you to finish what GOD has for you in life. and he will use every thing in his power to get you off course, by any trick, lie, or temptation that he can. so when these come up, call on the LORD, and truly trust in him, he will show you the way through whatever stumbling block that the enemy has put in your path. GOD only wants to love and help you get to a place where he can embrace you, with all of his love and peace. just like a father should. HE IS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. and only wants the best things that will help us get to the finish. and after we have connected all the dots, the prize -picture- will stun us with its beauty. it is a home with him, with no tears, or pain. or death. there is peace beyond our most vivid dreams. he is waiting and asking you to join him.and to accept the path that he has chose for you. JESUS and what he did on the cross, his death, suffering, and resurrection, is the start  to this puzzle of life.–so– choose JESUS, CHOOSE LIFE.

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