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Rosh Hashanah

Today is the 2 day in  October, it is the start of a new year, it will start at sunset. it is a time of new beginning, a time to look forward to the times of preparation for the times ahead. a time of thanks for blessings past and future. today is our time to have church services, and praise FATHER GOD for the days he has given us, and for life and good health. he provides for our needs, we have food to eat and water to drink.having given PASTOR SHARON and LYNETTE the recipe of good food, that will not harm us, he provided us good health. this i can testify to, as i was in poor health, when i came here. now i am in very good health. and at 79 walk a mile or more almost every day. eat and sleep very well.all this is a free gift from GOD. this new year will be even better.i am also starting to get even closer to GOD. this is not just playing church, to please those around me. but this is living church the way he would have me to. i hope you to will look at this new year with FAITH and TRUST, lisen to him and he will guide you, in all things. i played church for many years, now i am learning how to LIVE CHURCH, as GOD wants, and accept what is before me to do. i ask you to start this new year out by excepting JESUS and THE CROSS, living life for him. this will lead you to a reward, far beyond everything here on earth. and it will be yours eternally.   THANK YOU LORD JESUS for all you have done for me.    choose JESUS choose life ……..

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