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last SUNDAY morn. at church.

PASTOR SHARON, opened in prayer and praise, and as i sat lisening to her give praise to GOD, in my minds eye, a flood of colors crossed my mind. colors of lite pink and lavender with brilliant yellows.then in the lighter parts of yellow, a face apeared . i could make out any distinct feathers, then as in slow motion it faded away and another took its seemed like, to me, that they were all of the same person at different stages of age. from a young man on up to an old man, with long hair and the end of her prayer, all left, and waves of brilliant colors passed by my eyes. the pinks, yellows, lavenders . and between these waves were spots of dark purple, which stayed with me as long as i kept my eyes closed, and thought on GOD in praise to him, unspoken, praise and thanks for all he had done for me. i felt very peace full through this. PASTOR SHARON, and my daughter,and myself, discussed what each of us what GOD had put into our hearts, during this prayer.this was a very good and uplifting service.GOD IS ALWAYS  GOOD. he is our breath, lite, and provider  .

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real food for the soul.

THE food of GODS word, of JESUS and what he did at the cross is a gift of life to us. it frees our soul, and refreshes our heart and gives us peace and comfort,it helps us in times of need,and healing when we are sick. it is a guide to our daily life. we can eat of this food as much as we want, and as often as we is free for the asking. all we have to do is ask forgiveness from him and turn our lives over to the lord. if you eat of this food daily, you will live a long will receive a reward of eternal life with him. this is a life style that we must live in all the days of our natural life. at times it is hard, but always possible with trust and faith in his guiding hands. the rewards are great for those who will eat of this food, and believe. not so good for those who refuse, but the choice is always ours.the LORD will not force you to eat of this food, that he has set before you, it is always up to you, to eat or walk away. —- CHOOSE JESUS CHOOSE LIFE

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