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jacks book review.

This E book will encourage people everywhere to persevere in GOD and seek HIS face —-no matter the hardship. As scripture says we battle not against flesh and blood— and PASTOR SHARON knows it ! Be blessed by getting your copy of HOW DID I GET INTO THIS FAMILY!— GOD BLESS YOU. this can be found on – AMAZON TODAY.

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The New eBook is Here!

My wife’s testimony has been published¬†in Kindle Edition eBook format on Amazon!

The supernatural realms are not new to Pastor Sharon’s walk; in fact, God’s gifts to her have blessed numerous souls over the years. If you’ve wondered about her past and how she came to such strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,¬†getting your copy of “How Did I Get Into This Family?” will answer those questions and more.

God bless you.


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