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a blank sheet.

Life is a blank sheet of paper. through your life time, every day, you write a line on it, of what was done. at some point, you will decide on a path, good or evil. but you will decide. depending on which one that you take, will determine eternity for you. each path has a leader. one good, one bad.the one you choose will ether lead you to a life of peace, or destruction, a life after death of love, peace, and comfort forever,or a life of suffering, in torment,this will last forever. no matter who you are, rich, poor,healthy,or sick. sometime or other, you will have to make the choice.and sometime during your lifetime,young or old,you will have to.and at your death, your choice will be permanent. so choose wisely.the one leader is JESUS , who offers peace and comfort.the other is satan,who can only offer torment. choose JESUS choose life and love forever.but you will have to choose, this is a fact of your life, that will never change, and that you are the only one who can make it.

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A thought from our SUNDAY SERVICE. have you ever been angry at FATHER GOD? I think all of us have at one time or other. at the start, middle, or ending, of a trial or problem, we have shown anger. maybe because of the timing of GOD, that he should have answered sooner than he did, or the way he did. i know i have. sometimes i get so mad i rant an rave to GOD about how unfair or uncaring he was. it is selfish of me to think this, as he can do anything at anytime, he wants in his judgement for our sake  and his glory. so in my anger i have given the enemy victory over me. instead of letting GOD work things out to his plan and glory, his way, before i got angry, he knew what to do for me. but in my selfishness, i thought i could do it my way. i became my own god. i did not let go of my selfishness and put my faith and trust in him, he already had the problem solved. but my pride, and my flesh stood in the way of his help. he was there all of the time. all i had to do was yield, and in trust and faith, wait on him. then the problems great or small, in his way and timing would have been solved.maybe the trial was a test to show me i was wrong or something he wanted to teach me, to show me that he had control. he knows our days from start to finish. and if we just trust in him, he will always meet the need,solve the problem, and heal the hurt. his love and grace and mercy, are forever, if we will in faith, trust him he will answer. we must let go of self, put our heart and trust in his hands. start each day with prayer and thanks, turning each day completely over to him, and accept what he has for us, in any form.let GOD lead, and just trust him. this is what he is trying to teach me. at 79 i am pretty much set in my ways. but if i am going to increase my faith and trust, increase my life in GOD, i must learn this lesson well – he is standing by me, he loves me, with unfailing love.   thank you LORD.

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