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Born to a woman in sorrow, she called his name JABAZ. that means, he who makes sorrow. mothers of that time and culture, named most of the children, as GOD impressed them to, or by something that accrued in there life, or something they wanted them to be. now JABAZ, could have allowed his name to turn from GOD. but he turned toward GOD… like us, we have events, and trials that are put upon us, that seem to be more than our lives can handle . his prayer to GOD was, that  OH, GOD  of isreal, that you would bless me indeed, and enhance my coasts, give me a greater vision of what you want me to do.and that your hand be with me forever. and that you keep me from evil ways and thoughts. that they may not grieve you or me. .and it said that GOD granted his prayer.  this should be the prayer we call out to GOD  every day. and trust him to hear and grant it to us.. he is a loving and caring GOD. who if we trust and believe, in faith, he will grant us that  which we ask of him.. he has a plan for our lives. and if what we ask for is not amiss in his wisdom he will gladly in love will grant it to us. this includes all our prayers, for good health and safety ,guidance. through trials and sorrows in our lives. GOD all ready knows what  needed and when we need he gives us peace, and on his timing he will deliver. if we have faith, and patience to wait on him we will receive, and like JABAZ, will prosper in him and all things in our lives. JABAZ, was more honorable than all his brothers. but he chose to turn to GOD. to help him through the trials in his life. just as we should do. GOD, specializes in turning the trail into a blessing. all we have to do is ask, and believe in faith, that GOD will answer JUST ASK IN FAITH,BELIEVING. IN JESUS NAME….

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the door.

up early this morning, I got dressed and as I was standing by our front door, I looked through the peep hole in the door, and a thought came to me. I felt like I was in a dark room, with the closed door in front of me. and as I looked through the peep hole I could see all the open space, and grass, and a large red plum tree. the sky was clear and lite blue. I could see freedom and peace that I could have. all I had to do was open the door and walk out. but, I just stood there looking at what I could have. I thought that this was my life. I was bound by my past, and the flesh, symbolized by the dark room. and the door was the opening to a life of freedom in CHRIST. but confusion, and my stubbornness, kept me from opening the door. the door was FATHER GOD, asking me to come out of the dark room, and into the lite of his love and freedom.I tried to open the door in my own strength,but I was not able to on my own. on the other side of the door, HOLY SPIRIT was telling me, to just trust in him. that he was there to give me the strength that I needed. now when I gave up trying in my own strength, putting my faith and trust in him,the door will swing freely open. so far I am getting it open a little at a time. I must trust more in faith, I know what I must do, stop thinking that I can get it done on my own.step back and put my trust in him.and give him praise and thanks for what he has done.thank you father for your mercy and grace to me .  choose JESUS choose life.

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