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My  daughter gave a good  illustration of how we should yield to GODS power and grace. she said to think about how we drive our cars in traffic. in a long line of cars we wait till there is a opening and slip into line. they had the right away and yielded a spot to you to get back into line. the LORD is like the long line of cars, with all of them proceeding to a place he has prepared for them. life eternal. the flesh and pride has put you on the outside of his line , with repentance when you turn to him he will open up a place for you to be with him. you have yielded your life to him, an then yield your mind and heart,and do so the rest of our times ther will be potholes, that you will hit, some of them will do damage, but with prayer and asking for forgiveness , by yielding to him this will build your faith and trust in him. you will see the grace and love he has for you. this will probably not be a one time event for some of us, till we learn to yield our life to him . this is hard for me, i still do not seem to be able to trust him enough, i think i can do it faster and better. but I can never do anything, the flesh can only compound the problem. and the longer I  try to fix it, the more the problem grows. but if i would have just yielded to him and had patience, things would have a good ending, with peace and joy. this is not only for me alone. i know that there are others who struggle with the same problem that i have. and if we would only listen, the LORD will tell us what what pothole we have run over. then to wait for him to repair the damage we have done.if we have yielded to him, he will get us back onto his path to our new home.but WE MUST YIELD AND TRUST in him. give him thanks and praise.

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