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just a thought.

as i  set here in my quite place, i can see GOD, and his works around me. i feel the warm sun on my face,that he has put in place, with just a word. the cooling breeze on my face. his handy work is all around me. a time of renewal, a time for life to come forth.spring the time for new growth to come forth, on all the trees and shrubs all around me. GOD calling for new life to the wild apple and nut trees to prepare themselves for the fruit that they will bear. the sun warms the large rock that i set on,  and the warmth of the air, the quietness and solitude gives me peace.i can read from the word of GOD, and give him thanks for all the blessings he has given, and the good health. when i came here i was not in good shape. i was a diabetic , with glaucoma in both eyes, very high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. the way i had been eating for the past few years, were not good, even though i thought i was doing quite well. after a year in my new abode in NEW YORK, and on a diet known as SHARON safe, named for my wife, PASTOR SHARON. my cholesterol avg. for each month was 100 to 120 as of my last check up. my blood pressure avg. is 115over 70 thats not bad for a man 79 yr. glaucoma is gone, and i walk 1 to 2 miles almost every day. i make sure to drink lots of good water, no soda pop. i drink lots of good tea and use only RAW SUGAR. i salt every thing the way i like it with SEA SALT. i eat no boxed or prepared food.we make our own bread and pasta our sauces and mayonnaise. the LORD showed my daughter and PASTOR SHARON, what was good to eat, and what to stay away from. they put this all into a cook book , and they are both in very good health. the LORD blessing them dayly. i still have a way to go,to be in the full plan that GOD has for my life , but he is teaching me the things i need to know. GOD is very  very good, and he is patient with me. if you happen to be in not so good shape, try living and eating right walk in the way of life, that JESUS walked. then you will be able to have peace and joy in your life. give him praise, TODAY choose JESUS choose life .  love from brother jack.

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one of my big problems.

I guess i am like a lot of people, i have worked hard all my life. and developed the habit of getting things done on time, and as soon as i was ask to. any job, big or small. it always bothered me, that if i ask someone to do something, and it took to much time. i always thought that i could get the job done faster and with the same results. and to my own hurt. i have found GOD, dose not work that way. he knows just how bad a prayer, or a request is needed, and when it will be needed. he dose not work on our time, but on his time. some prayers he answered right away, but oyhers he wants us to wait.this will build faith in us, so when it comes the right time for this to happen, that we will give him praise and glory, and our faith will grow and our trust in him will increase. then the next time we ask in prayer, for a problem or need to be solved, our trust and faith will kick in.we then will be able to wait on him, and know he will answer at the right time. my problem is i trust on the little things, but i seem impatient on big problems or needs that come up. in my mind i jump in and try to fix the problem with my own hands. but this will fail every time. and probably end up worse than it started. as GOD leads im getting better, but to often there are times, when i fail, and then he in great love, shows me where Im wrong. i have to realize, that i am not GOD, and i dont know what i am doing, and i find out i just ran face first, at full speed, into a brick wall. by not waiting for GOD, who knows all, and sees all, and can handle it all alone. my only job is to thank and praise him when he is done, on his time schedule. every trial, if we let him do his job, will increase our patience and trust in him.i am still learning this, and sometimes i get showed, that i was wrong. so let us learn together , that GOD knows our beginnings and our end,and everything that is in between. patience is a strong word, that we must learn.  give him praise and glory.   love you all in JESUS NAME.

choose JESUS choose life



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who am I.

I am IRISH, NATIVE AMERICAN. IRISH on my fathers side, NATIVE AMERICAN on my mothers side. my father was born and raised in WASHINGTON STATE, my mother in OKLAHOMA. the dust bowl conditions brought her family out west to WASHINGTON STATE, where she met my father.and where us kids were born and raised. with most of my life spent in WASHINGTON, OREGON, and IDAHO. i was in the army in 1956 as a military policeman for 3 years, stationed in WASHINGTON, GEORGIA, and NEW MEXICO. i returned to IDAHO in 1959, and moved to NEW YORK in 2015. and here i will stay. i am close to 79 years old and in very good health. i plan to live to be 100 years old, if the LORD allows it. and when i die, i will just go to sleep, and wake up with JESUS holding my hand. GOD has been very good to me, all my life, in more ways than i can tell,  as there are so many things he has done, it would take another life time to tell them all. i thank him for all he  has done for me every day. he will do the same for all who accept him, and walk in his ways,in obedience and faith. does not look at what color or race you are, or how rich or how poor you are. he only looks at the heart and soul of each one of us. all the works of our hands, do not matter to him. its what is in our hearts and how we live for him that counts. my life has not been very easy at times, but at all times and every place, he has been there, and at the exact time that i needed him.he is an all-knowing GOD, who knows my needs even before i do, all i have to do is ask, and in faith, this is available to every one who will accept him, and give their heart, soul, and mind to him. his love for us has no bounds, or no end, so we should always believe in faith.  today, choose JESUS   choose LIFE.

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