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my hidden place.

I sat today in my hidden place, in  solitude and thanksgiving to GOD, for the new day he has given me. for the blessings of food, water, and the home he has provided. all of these things, they are gifts from him. give him praise and thanks. our days are numbered here on earth, we must use them well, giving praise and thanks, every day. He did not promise, that all things would go well with us, or would be fair by mens standards. but he did promise that at all times, he would be there with us, holding our hand. we may not understand what we are going through, or why these things happen, but through prayer and faith, if we trust him, in the end we will understand it was for our own good. to give us more strength in him, and what a loving GOD he is. a GOD we can trust, at all times, to get us through each day. then we can think back in times of our life, when we were burdened with a trial, but then GOD, came to our side and took our hand, and gave us victory over the trial we were in. I know, i have been shown many times, where GOD,unknown to me, stepped in and saved my life, saved me from harm and injury. led me through places i had never been before,and brought me home, safe and healthy. when at times afterwords i realized  i was not living for him the way he wanted me to. but he loved me so much, like a loving father he stepped in, and took care of every thing and showed me where i was wrong. and to learn from my mistakes. he knows i am a slow          learner, and some times he has to repeat a lesson again, till i learn what it is he wants me to know.give him praise and glory, he will show us how to live, and worship him. he is always there, all you have to do is ask, believing in faith, and he will be there to help and guide you.THANK YOU LORD .

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palm sunday.

after being here in a new place, like i have never been before, a place of deeper involvement than i had ever known. 1 year later on a sunday morning, in the last of march, the LORD put a scripture in my mind. RUTH 1″16-17. reading and thinking on these 2 verses, this is the way that the LORD wants me to be. he had moved me from a place of comfort, and familiar people and places, to a land i did not know. a deeper form of commitment i had never been exposed to. a new commitment he wanted, from me. these verses are a way that all men should look to. a portrayal of a person who gave her all for a love for another and her GOD a vow to go where she lived, to go and accept the GOD that she served, to die and be buried in that place. RUTH humbled herself an accepted the way of GOD in a place she did not know, and believed in a true GOD. she gave herself freely to serve this GOD, and live as he wanted her to. and out of this commitment, GOD favored her, in all things. she became part of the very line of those people GOD had chosen, before time, that he would send his SON through, for the salvation of all that would accept him, and trust in him, by faith, and what he did on the CROSS of CALVARY. BEING RAISED FROM THE DEAD. thus having victory over death and the grave. giving all who believed in him life eternal.if all people follow in this path, in faith and trust, those people will be redeemed and blessed. remember the CROSS, and what JESUS done, his resurrection and his promise to all who believe on him and his word.   love to all in JESUS NAME.


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About my blog.

many years ago, in a desert at night on guard duty. in the silence of the night, a thought came to me, and something in my mind, told me to write it down. it was about what was going on around me. the roar of a rocket motor, the ark it made in the sky, in the still cold starry night. i was in the army as a military policeman. watching over an arsenal of weapons, made by man to destroy each other. i was alone, but could feel the peace and comfort of the LORD, by my side. this was the start of my listening to my thoughts and writing them down. later in life and out of the army. setting in my hot tub, on a clear summers night, one of the first thoughts i got from GOD, WAS A KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOR. this started my devotional writings in book form.GOD gave me many things to write about. sometimes while i was setting in church, sometimes, what the pastor or missionary said would trigger a thought. or an object in the church would. one time the sermon was very long, and i looked at the back of the church, as i was singing backup to the song leader, i saw the large clock on the wall, and the LORD gave me to write the story of the clock on the wall. and that time here on earth, was not GODS time, and who was i to limit GOD to just so many minutes of time for a sermon, that he had given to the pastor, all for my soul to absorb. this went on for many years.i wrote these for 2 or 3 years for the monthly bulletin for the church. gave some away to people at different times as encouragement to a problem they had. i put about 150 of them in a book, and put them out at church for people to take home. this eventuality led to my blog. set up by my wife.pastor SHARON PALMER, SHE SHOWED ME HOW TO USE A COMPUTER, and one finger at a time i type out what you read. i write nothing of my own thoughts. the LORD puts in my mind what he wants me to write down. this is all for his glory , not mine. sometimes i weep at what he gives me. i thank him for the privilege he gives me as i write.i hope that some one, some where, will find comfort and peace in what the LORD has me write.GOD bless each one of you, and give you peace, and good health. even as he has given it to me.i soon will be 79 and feel like a young man of 30, GOD is good. stay with me as this hos only begun to get started. GIVE HIM PRAISE, GIVE HIM YOUR HEART,and GOD bless you. brother jack Palmer.

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