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a life of repentance and trust.

no matter what you have done.the LORD is a forgiving GOD. he is waiting for you, but you must come to him in prayer and ask for his mercy and matter what you have done, no matter how bad, in his love and mercy, and you honesty repenting,he will forgive,then in your heart,live and obey what he asks of you. he will provide what you need to live for him.but you must first repent and give your heart to him, then sin no more. salvation is not just for the moment, but is a lifetime of living for him. and giving praise to him for what he has done for you .he will all ways be there to meet your needs,no matter if it is sickness for you or a loved one. and the closer you get to him the more you will prosper in all things that he wants for you.remember he is GOD,and knows your day even before it starts and your tomorrow before it ever comes. tell him in prayer from your heart,just what it is you need. if you need a warm coat, ,or food to sat,or a place to live  or a problem solved, ask from your heart believing and by his mercy and grace, somehow things will happen to supply that need. i know it is so, i have asked for help to get through air ports that i had never been to, he has answered all of these prayers and many more. and there are others i have ask for that i am still waiting for.i have no concern, because i know that at the right time, on his time, i will receive what i have ask for.but i must trust him,and thank him in advance  for what i have ask for, even though it has not happen yet. this is all part of living a life for him.and at times it is hard to wait for him to meet the need you have ask for.TRUST HIM… if living a life for CHRIST was easy, you would not appreciate or or give thanks to him for what he has done.GOD loves your praise, but he honors your obedience. your days are numbered from birth. living for CHRIST and what he did on the CROSS. will guarantee life eternal, a life of peace and joy, with him forever.   choose JESUS choose life.




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the walk of life

life here on earth, is like unto a long valley, as a young child, you start at one end, and start walking up it. as you progress, onward you will have choices to make, that will help you. all along this valley,  are signs for you to read. each one is a lesson to be learned. if you miss one of these signs, you can never go back to it. but if you follow the signs, and obey what they tell you to do. they will take you up to the top of the mountain of life. but if you have missed some of these signs, somewhere along the route, there is a sign that tells you of forgiveness. you will find it when you are lost, and do not know which way to turn. this sign tells you of salvation and redemption. read it fully, and put what it says in your heart. and to do what it asks you to do, in your life.but if you pass it by and do not take heed to what it tells you,you will find only sorrow and death.the sign is,JESUS AND THE CROSS.

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