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A Blessed Year…

My wife and I have enjoyed almost a year now of blessings and new beginnings in Jesus. We decided we’d get together on video and share how grateful we are in this testimony of God’s goodness.


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The Voyage

picture yourself standing on a dock, dark and foreboding. the dock represents your sins. there is a walkway from the dock to a large ship. the walkway is repentance,your giving your heart to the LORD, confessing your sins to him, as you walk up the walkway to the ship. you stop for only a second as you reach the top, you are forgiven.then you can step onto the ship.the ship is salvation and the love of god, that the captain JESUS has given you,the love of FATHER GOD. and with joy you set sail on a voyage , to a place you have been told that awaits you at the end of the voyage. as you travel you have been told that there will be times of calm peaceful  waters, but also there will be times of rough stormy seas, and at times you will be subject to many trials both great and small.and that you must trust in your heart the captain of the ship,to take you through the storms. he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning of time. and if you trust, in obedience in what he asks you to do you will always get safely through the voyage. if you choose not to obey and trust him, you can go back to the dock. there you will find, it is sinking into the sea to be lost forever, and you are sinking with it, you are it is possible to get back on the ship.the walkway can be extended,but only with repentance and prayer,and forgiveness by the captain, will enable you to climb the walkway back into the ship, to start your voyage over again. only the love and grace, and forgiveness of the captain can let you. but the choice is yours, to stay on the ship or go back to the sinking dock.

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