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Merry Christmas!

To all who follow the Glory Shield Ministries website, we thank our merciful GOD for you. The Lord has given us all that you read or watch on this site, and our desire is that your hearts will be blessed and that you are all in good health. May this season bring peace and joy to each of you; may 2016 be a year of prosperity for you in blessings from our Lord to you, with good health and comfort and peace in all things.

Psalm 139- 7-12 says that no matter where we are, He is there and knows our needs. His hand is always outstretched to us. All we have to do is ask and reach out to Him in prayer and faith;He is always there.


Yours in CHRIST,

Jack & Sharon Palmer

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heaven songs.

a bed time thought- do you like music here on earth? if you do you will love what you hear in will be new songs and new music never heard by the human ear before. when you walk the peaceful meadows of heaven with your hand holding on to GODS strong, soft hand, you will hear every kind of instrument playing and every note will be pure.all the songs will be in perfect harmony and they will all be new songs of praise. the sound of the light warm breeze blowing through the trees will sound like a whole orchestra playing songs of praise to GOD and his son, JESUS. as you walk, the flowers will join in with four-part harmony, all in perfect pitch. the grasses will sway to the music in a dance to the LORD. oh what peace and joy. i have not the words to explain the beauty and joy that awaits the saints who walk with GOD. colors so pure, the like which have never been seen on earth. oh the peace and joy he gives to those who love the LORD and walk in his cannot fathom his love for you, he loved you so much, he gave his life for you. this is a place he made for his children, the get there you only have to confess your sins to him and turn your life over to him.let him and he will guide your steps and care for your needs.  CHOOSE JESUS  CHOOSE LIFE.

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if is a word to be used by small children, a word used for them to build daydreams of -like a castle with knights or dreams of Christmas or cotton candy. if is a word that only children can build on. because as we grow older we lose the purity of heart and mind, the pure trust that only small children they may say , if only , or, when. if is a word that gives small children wings to fly on fluffy white clouds, and see the world as only thy can.this is why when we get older, we say with a longing in our hearts,— IF, i were a child again.

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