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FATHER GOD .i thank you for the good nights rest, you have given me. and i thank you for the air i will breath today, the food i will eat, and the water i will drink. these are all gifts from you. THANK YOU. cover this day with the blood of JESUS of Nazareth who came to earth, and died and rose from the dead, for my redemption.seal my mind, my heart, and mouth from thinking or speaking any negative thought or words. guide me this day in the path you would have me go. bless my family and keep it healthy and safe. let no sickness or harm come to us. we thank you for the love and grace you have given us, the help and blessings you have bestowed on us i love you LORD and praise your holy name.

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Years ago, i ruptured many vertebrae in my back, and after fusion on two, and a lot of stainless steel wire, they put me back together. through all of this, i was in much pain. they gave me lots of med. for the pain, of which i abused. i became addicted to codeine, to the point where i was taking pills all day, and when i couldn’t get the pills, i would take codeine cough syrup that i could get 4 oz bottles with no prescription,and mix it with liquid jello and drink it at work all day. having a wife and four small children,and working for minimum wages,i could not afford to not go to work.this went on for about two years, and i was getting i decided to just STOP. little did i know the hell i was about to go through,the SHAKES, no sleep, the sickness, the feeling that you had just been run over by a big bus .or laying in bed sick and out of your mind for two days. totally ringing wet and sweating to the point of completely soaking the sheets on the mother-in-law, came one day and prayed for me, she was a real saint of GOD. a couple of days later, i was back to normal, and back to work, GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME. from that time on he kept me free of the addiction, and with a new job, that i stayed with for thirty yr. this was a hard trial to go through, but GOD and the trials brought me to where i am today.there were many more trials along the way but with GODS guiding i got through them.a loss of a son, a loss of a wife of 58 yrs. a major heart attack and open heart surgery. a move to a place i had never thought i would be in, a new wife, who is a daughter of GOD and who is very wise, who loves GOD, and talks to him each day. a whole new life built on GOD and his love. letting me learn how to live for him and him working his will through me to help others.i am now in very good health, and am waiting with open arms for the next thing that will happen.with no concern as to what is to be, i know that as long as i let him lead me all things will turn out for my good and to his glory.

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A Handsome Man in a Three-Piece Suit

I have got some news for you, satan is not wearing a red cape, and has horns coming out of the top of his head. he is not running around looking like a lion looking for whom he can devour, among the bars, honky-tonks, prostitutes, alcoholics or dopers. he couldn’t care less about them. in fact he doesn’t even like to be around them. no, right now he is in a three-piece suit with a clipboard, pen and paper. and is probably sitting in the back of some very good church… or walking in the aisles of the church looking over all the saints….taking down names of the ones he thinks he can get hold of .he could be the person right near you he already has most of the world, so he is not concerned about them. he’s concerned about the God fearing, praying saint, who can take some of these people back someone who can help them get back to God and salvation. these are the ones that he fears. so he sneaks quietly among them, looking good, seeking out the ones he can get to sin in some way… he only has a little time left, and he knows this and trembles.

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