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David is a man in church who is mentally challenged – from what cause I do not know.  He cannot read or write and only his mother and sister understand his speech.  David likes everyone.  He loves books with pictures in them.

I gave him a children’s bible that is heavily illustrated, and he carries it everywhere.  He shows it to everyone, pointing to the pictures he likes.  We tell him who’s in the pictures and what the pictures and stories are about, and he gets very happy and studies the pictures and remembers what you tell him.  He understands, he just can’t articulate.

David is a JOY to be around; he loves everybody, especially the Pastor and his Sunday School teacher.  He always wants to help – with everything.  When the church is short on men to take the offering plates around, they call on David to help.  This makes him feel good and feel wanted.

David has been challenged all his life; now he is between 60 and 65 years old, a grown man with a little child’s mind who really enjoys life.  He looks like a man in his 30s.  We can learn lots from David.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 5-7-15. All Rights Reserved.
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You Don’t Have to Stop Walking Just Because You Fall Down

When you were a child and just learning to stand up, you held on to anything that you could get hold of, and mom and dad helped.

Pretty soon you could stand alone, then you took your first steps.

All of this time there was mom or dad to catch you if you fell, and help you up; they gave you encouragement and told you how much they loved you.

This phase will go on throughout your lifetime; only, as you get older, the falls sometimes get harder.  These are the times you need help the most. At times like these, if you have put your life in God’s hands He will be your mother and father.  Just as you trusted your earthly mom and dad, you only have to cry out to Him in faith, and His hands will reach down and lift you back up.

He will tell you how much He loves you and encourage you to go on.  He is there to guide and help you, giving you hope and peace, to carry on through your life.

But if you haven’t given your life and heart to Him, you are like the child who falls and can’t get up and cries in sorrow because he is left alone.

God never leaves us alone, even when we don’t see Him, He is there.

If your cry for help is sincere, He will hear and answer you.  If you walk in His ways and His Love, He will always be there when you need Him.

He will allow you to think on what has happened or what you have done. During this time, His Spirit will teach you about the mistakes you have made so you can avoid these same things if they ever come up again.

The earlier you learn about Jesus in life and put your trust in Him, the easier to handle will be the mistakes and falls. In Jesus, you will get through them no matter what they are.


Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 5-19-15. All Rights Reserved.
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