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A Life-and-Death Plea

All life and death starts and ends at the foot of the cross, as we are crucified with Jesus Christ and brought to new life in Him.

It is all your choice to live eternally in Peace and Love in the place that God has prepared for you


to spend eternity in eternal death and torment.

Today is the time to choose.  You have your destiny of afterlife in your hands.  Choose Life with Christ Jesus in Heaven! Don’t throw your life away in hell and torment!


Written by Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 2-10-15. All Rights Reserved.
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A Godly Contract

Each one of us is a builder contractor.  We have made a “contract” with God.  When we confessed our sins and accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, He signed a contract with us for eternity with Blood from His own hands and side.  He offered a very large reward for completing the job.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright 3-12-15. All Rights Reserved.
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Clay in His Hands

Jeremiah 18:2-4

When two people fall in love, they should start life with this prayer:

“Lord, You are the Potter of all life, we ask that You as the Potter take these two hearts and mold them into one lump. Then place them on Your Wheel of Life, then, taking Your skillful hands, shape them with Your Love until you have made useful vessels formed by Your Pure Love so that the two hearts become the one love, one hope, one faith, one spirit in Your hands. Your hands will guide them through life to Your Glory.”

By Jack Reed Palmer, Copyright © 3-11-15. All Rights Reserved.
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