How to Start

Enter your prayers with thanksgiving.  This is the key to the gate, before the Throne.

The next step is to Praise Him for Who He is; honor Him.

The next step praise Him for all the things He has done for you.  For His guiding hand on your life, for salvation, for His love and mercy for you.  Do this with a humble heart and mind.

Next step is to just kneel or sit in silence and listen – clear your mind – listen.  God already knows what your needs are and He already has a plan for how He will meet your needs.

Thank Him with praise for what He is about to do, thank Him in advance.  Do all of this giving Him the Glory and Honor, and Praise.  Then tell others all that He has done for you.


Jesus, He is Lord.  And the Lord, He is God.

Written by Jack R. Palmer, Copyright © 6-19-14. All Rights Reserved.
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2 thoughts on “How to Start

  1. Kip

    I thought we weren’t supposed to be formulaic with our prayers, but speak from the heart.

    • These “steps” only clear the air so we can do just that. No formula, just praise and thanksgiving, even as the Psalms declare.

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