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No Past

The child of God who has given his life to Christ HAS NO PAST.

He is forgiven of his sins.

God has more love and grace for you.  He forgives your sins past, present, and future.  All you have to do is ASK with a humble and sincere heart.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 6-12-14. All Rights Reserved.
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The Clock at the Back of the Church

As I sat on the platform today, the Spirit of the Lord was moving.  You could feel His Presence in every fiber of your body.  It seemed to pack the walls clear up to the ceiling.

As I looked up from prayer – I noticed the large clock at the back of the church.  I could see that it was 12:10 PM (past noon).  My mind went blank for a minute, and then I thought to myself, “So what!”


Who am I to limit Him to just so  many minutes for Sunday service?  When God moves we should move with Him.  Time really means nothing to Him.  Time is irrelevant and His moving is all that matters.

In Heaven there will be no “time”. It does not matter.  It does not start or stop but goes on for Eternity.

If we limit time here in our lives on earth, then we won’t be ready for time eternal.  We must learn to go with God on His time.  Don’t worry about the here and now of this life.

Give to God control of ALL YOUR TIME.  Be still and listen, and spend your time in Him.

Don’t put a limit on Him.  He knows what you need and what you pray for.  He will provide these things in His time and they will be right on time when you need them, because He Never Fails.

So take the time to let Him lead you.  Lose yourself in Him, and you will find a timeless peace and joy like you have never known – it will keep you through every trial or temptation, till He comes again to take us all home to be with Him in Timeless Eternity.


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 10-1-06. All Rights Reserved.



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How Large Are the Hands of God?

The day is almost gone; midnight is but a short time away.  As time ticks away, I sit here in my chair in the dark o my deck.  I look at the sky and see the stars that outnumber the sand on the seashore.

A thought comes to my mind, “How large are the hands of God?”  Thinking about the earth and all the things that exist here.  Thinking that God above made all these things; molding all life with His large hands.  Hands that can hold all the stars in the Universe in one palm; and in the other He holds all the earth.

Hands so soft and tender that just the touch can heal all our sickness or mend a broken heart.  The touch of this same hand can wipe the tears from a small child’s eyes.

In His hands all things are possible and these same hands were nailed to the cross for my Salvation and the Salvation of all mankind.  The hands can be soft and gentle with Love, like a soft warm breeze… or in judgment can be a fist of iron.

But if you reach up to Him with your hands, He will reach down His hands to you and at the touch of His hands you will have peace.  In confessing your sins to Him, your sins will be forgotten and forgiven.

His hands are pure Love to those who give their life to Him.  Some day you will know JOY and Peace without end.  An eternal life in a place made by Him that is so beautiful that there are not words enough to describe it.


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 11-3-10. All Rights Reserved.
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