“Come and Dine”

A vision came to me…

I saw a very long, long table.  It was so long I could not see to the end of it.  It was filled with all kinds of food.  Everything that was good to eat, it was there in abundance.  The Master of the house was at the far end of the table, but I could not see Him.  I knew in my heart and mind that He was there.  Some of the chairs were filled with people who were eating and talking and enjoying the fine feast before them.

I could not see the floor because there was a multitude of people, both young and old, on the floor under and around the table.  As I looked, I saw they were picking up the scraps and crumbs that fell on the floor from the table above.  They would get a little and eat, then come back looking for more never seeming to get full.  They did not look sick or tired, just malnourished.  Some were well dressed and others were not.

Now all the time they were gathering crumbs, the Master of the house was calling to them to not be satisfied with the scraps and crumbs… but to come up to the table and partake of the feasts, it was free and there was plenty for everyone.  But they would not listen and did not seem to hear His call.  They would look up then go back and start gathering the crumbs again.

There was an abundance of food and drink.

Lots of places to sit but very, very few heard the Master’s call to “Come and Dine” on the abundance He had set out.  Then a thought came to me:  What do you see?  I see a multitude of people lost and called, on the floor picking up the scraps of the Word of God.  Just crumbs that were keeping them satisfied for a short while.  Then they came back again and again but never getting enough to be full.

The food on the table was the Word of God and His love and Salvation.

All the while He was calling to them to “come and be with Him”, to accept His love and Salvation, to sit with Him at the feast on the table.  But only a few heard Him.  Even though they were told they did not know that the feast would soon be over and that those who did not come up to the table would be turned away… also, there would never be another chance.

Only those who were at the Feast table would be able to spend eternity with Him and share His Blessings.

 Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 10-10-2009. All Rights Reserved.
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