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What’s Inside

You already have the Comforter (Holy Spirit) in you.  He was given to you when you gave your heart to the Lord and repented of your sins.

The Spirit of Tongues is already in you, but you have to surrender your heart and tongue to the will of Holy Spirit.  He wants to speak through you, but you have to surrender to Him; to release Him so He can work through you.

Holy Spirit knows what you need, and He can speak for you before the Lord, asking in the right words that God loves to hear.

You may ask amiss for things you think you need, but Holy Spirit never, ever does.

To be complete, you have to let the inside out.

Heaven is a complete healing for all trials, sicknesses, and sorrows here on earth.


Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 7-8-2011. All Rights Reserved.
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Thank You, God

Thank You, God, for all the many blessings that have been bestowed on us.  The ray of sunshine that comes through the clouds on a rainy day to make the rain drops look like liquid diamonds falling to the ground, adding to the wealth of the earth; the living gold of yellow flowers stretching forth their arms to a spring morning; the beauty of sunlight dancing on a clear summer morning; the blaze of color in the setting sun; or just the peace of silence at any time. Thank You for fulfilling our needs and sometimes our wants.

Thank You for this day and this hour in time.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
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Empty Hands for the Master

(Matt. 25:14-28)

When you were saved and gave your heart to the Lord, you were given God’s Holy Spirit into your heart and mind. (1 Talent).

Through your life, this Spirit was yours to cherish and to take care of and to grow.  This began the time given to you to use and cherish this talent and to let it grow.

At the end of your days here on earth, Jesus – the Master – will call you before Him to see what you have done with the talent He gave to you.

Will you be like the good servant and multiply this talent… OR … will you keep it hidden?  Will you come to Him expecting a reward for the good life you have lived?  Or will you come to Him with empty hands?

The servant who was given only one talent also lived a good life.  He did all that Christians are supposed to do, BUT… he had no increase for the Master.  He was turned away, and his talent was given to another.

If only he had used it in any way to gain even a small increase, he would have been rewarded for his efforts and lived long with the Master.  But he chose to hide it with no increase.  He had eaten at the Master’s table, but had not honored Him with love and labor.  He was cast out.

Written by Jack Palmer, Copyright © 2-19-2011. All Rights Reserved.
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