parallels of life.

setting in my quite place, this came to me, as i looked at all the beauty that GOD had created around me. having discussed paralells of things in our life, in a SUNDAY service. i looked again at trees. they start from a single seed, cast to the earth, then they are covered with, earth, grass, or whatever is around them. like a mothers womb surrounds and covers, and nourishes the seed of a new child. the trees seed, lays in the earth for a set time and takes root, just like a child takes a set time to develop for 9 months inside its mother. the tree begins to grow and sprout upward, with limbs, and slowly gets taller and stronger. just like the child when it is born, it begins to grow, nurtured by its mothers milk. the tree get its nurtured from the good earth that GOD has made. both the tree and the child grow up tall and strong, and each has a purpose in life that GOD has set for them to do.both are to bear fruit of one kind or another to GODS  glory. no two are alike in every way, but each has his plan for there life. depending what GOD  has  planned. it will produce fruit or other use full products for the future use of others, or to the glory of GOD. the tree, will live out its life and its fruit will live and start more new trees, to carry on the cycle of life of trees. the child, as time goes by will learn about GOD, and JESUS, and what was done for us, and the free gift of eternal life. like the tree the childs, life at times will not be easy, but GOD is all ways there, to help and guide them through those the next time you see a tall tree, or one covered in good fruit to eat, think about yourself and how you started in this life, and thank GOD for the care and time he took to give you life. look for other things and you will find that GOD is in everything you see. GOD be with you.—JACK PALMER.

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the lesson of the bread.

the start of our SUNDAY service, centered around what we thought about the things in our lives that we had done, and what was the lesson from GOD, for us to see. things were brought up, that i had never thought of,  a case in point. the making of a simple loaf of bread. each step in its making is a lesson in must follow the recipe exactly. and in the right order.this will lead to a loaf of bread that is good to eat, and good for you.first comes the flour, then raw sugar, and salt. these are blended together with a small amount of oil added, then this is blended till there is no lumps in the mix. this is your life from birth to death. then a set amount of warm water is added, but it must be no hotter than 120 degrees to 130 degrees, or if is to hot it will kill the yeast, LIFE, or if to cold will not give life to the bread,to rise up to be baked into a use full loaf. this is GODS parallel of your life, if you ask him, he will show you this in the things that are in your life, that make up who you are. he has put all the  ingredients be fore you, but you must choose to mix them as he has planed. but the choice is yours, follow the plan and your life will be good and healthy— or do it the way you think is right, and it will not rise or will only be thrown away. YOU CHOOSE. the LORD is there all the time, to help and guide you in the process, so that when your loaf comes out of the oven of life, you will be use full and give glory to him in your life these lessons are there in everything, everyday of your life. ask to see them, he will love to show you and guide you. but the choice is yours, in the process of learning you will at times mess up,just as i have, thinking that all is lost, but all you have to do is ask him, and he will help you get back to a place that you are on the right path again. he loves you very much,and wants you to be successful. but the choice is all ways is yours.         CHOOSE JESUS    CHOOSE LIFE

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SHARON safe eating. is a cook book given to my daughter LYNETTE a few years ago by the LORD. it is full of every kind of meal and desert, that if one follows the recipe will lead to any body to a healthy life. it uses only natural  ingredients, no MSG  or re find sugar or any form of modified sweeteners. just the things that the LORD showed Lynette and my wife Pastor Sharon to use for a healthy and sound body and mind, this is not just another fad cook book, IT IS REAL. i know for a fact that it works, and works very well. after a death in the family, i married PASTOR SHARON. i was 77 years old, and not in very good shape, or good health. having just had a very bad stroke, and open heart surgery, plus two back surgery, glycoma , and being under weight, and moving to NEW YORK. i started to eat the food they prepared for all our meals, the SHARON SAFE WAY. the first thing i noticed was the energy i had, i no longer felt tired. they started me on raw suger, and pepermint  tea. The upset stomach, diabetes and high blood pressure went away. my DR. in NEW YORK , has confirmed these findings after about 5 months. i can sleep like a baby all night long,with no back problems. and every day that the weather allows, i walk 1 to 3 miles all this is from using the food , GOD has given us to  eat. no modified food or sweeteners that man has made. i am not saying that this cook book will heal all your ills, but eating right, and taking the food that GOD has put before us, and preparing them as he has told us to, and giving him thanks, can and will be a life change for has changed my life and health to a better life than i have ever had. thanking GOD, with a healthy heart and body, and hoping you will at least try this way .   to get this cook book go to her website and go to their Resources dept. 


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